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03 November 2014 @ 03:11 am
Nocte Nexus, Part 2/3  
Title: Nocte Nexus, Part 2/3
Characters: Sylar (Gabriel Gray) / Peter Petrelli
Rating: PG-13 (suggestiveness)
Word count: ~400
Setting: Inside the Wall
Summary: A continuation of the original Nocte Nexus where Sylar feels (more) strange and wonderful things in the night. (Read the original in the link for more backstory, but not necessarily required).

And so it continued, Peter touching Sylar’s back in the night. Always the same pressure, in the same spot, ceasing when his arm was too tired or when he was content. Sylar thought that Peter slept closer to him now, the ever-present arm or leg pressed to him allowed Peter to relax.  Sylar didn’t change a single habit, hoping it would continue, looking forward to it all day; but nothing more ever came of it, not even when Peter made swift getaways to the bathroom some mornings. It went on that way for months.

One night after a peaceful day between them, Peter changed his pattern. Fingernails; scratching so lightly through his t-shirt on a broader section of his back. It tickled him. Sylar’s eyes closed blissfully as he longed for the contact to be firmer, intentional…when Peter knew he was awake so he could soak it up for what it was (for what he wanted it to be). Once again, his body instinctively wanted to shiver. And moan. More than ever, Sylar wanted to know why this was happening. Peter was not a shy, subtle person, so why the furtive movements, hidden in the dark, pretending or hoping that Sylar was asleep? In any case, when Peter grew tired or content, Sylar would sleep, feeling…warmer than he had before. He liked to think they both slept very well indeed after Peter’s pleasant little molestations.

Months passed until Sylar’s patience wore out. It shattered to be more honest. Peter’s slow, tiny, teasing moments every night and no more, for so, unthinkably long was driving him up a wall. Fingernails and t-shirts weren’t cutting it. Peter had needs and so did Sylar. It was time for Peter to own up. There had never been any need for secrecy, yet Sylar had played along for the sake of Peter’s mental health.

That night, there was no shirt. Only boxers. It was a test. It was the backs of his fingers, Sylar suspected; at least, it started out that way. Stroking his back and shoulders and arms, so gentle, flesh against flesh. It was tender and positively desirous and maddening. Then it switched to a full, flat palm against his back as if…testing his temperature, texture, consciousness, or perhaps even willingness. Did Peter suspect he was awake? Sylar grit his teeth to stay still and quiet that night, dredging up still more patience for now. Peter definitely slept closer to him this time.


game_byrd: ZQ Lying downgame_byrd on November 3rd, 2014 12:03 pm (UTC)
Oh my gosh! Far more patient than I could be (or Peter, I think). Months?!? Poor guys! Yes, Sylar, I'm rooting for you! Lure Peter out into the open, find out what's going on, and get more of it!

This is lovely and tempting and teasing, building tension without resolving it. I look forward eagerly to 3 of 3.