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08 August 2014 @ 06:13 pm
Nocte Nexus  
Title: Nocte Nexus
Characters: Sylar (Gabriel Gray), Peter Petrelli (sort of pre-slash, for now)
Rating: PG-13 (for now)
Word count: 340
Setting: Inside the Wall
Summary: Sylar feels something strange and wonderful in the night.

Inspired by More Between Us, this gif set, and my most awesome and patient writing partner,
game_byrd. Happy Birthday!

Sylar felt it one night. He couldn’t sleep but he lay in more comfort than he would have had alone, because Peter was here, behind him in bed. They weren’t fucking (not yet). Peter wanted to sleep together just as much as Sylar did, although the empath was very careful to always make it sound like he was doing it for Sylar’s good; which was true, but Sylar magnanimously quit while he was ahead and didn’t point out the younger man’s similar needs.

He’d thought Peter was asleep, but hadn’t paid attention to his breathing, so lost was he in thought. The little man had stopped squirming some time ago and that was usually the indicator.

Several small, gentle points of contact brushed across his shirt-covered back. Peter was…touching him? When he thought Sylar was asleep, no less! Between his shoulder blades and down his spine the touch…caress traveled. Sylar’s eyes rolled back and closed as his mouth opened, barely managing to keep his enjoyment quiet. Oh, the things Sylar wanted to roll over and do to him. It was far beyond pathetic how quickly the touch (or the realization) made his dick stiff and throbbing. It tickled his nerves, all the way up his spine and into his brain, and it was everything he could do not to shiver. It wasn’t very exploratory, he barely noticed, and that meant Peter liked to do this and had done so before with other bedmates. Those fortunate bedmates doubtless received a lot more than a back scratch.

The glorious contact continued for some minutes, probably until the man’s arm tired, never changing pressure or straying far from the designated areas that Peter felt were acceptable to touch, something as simple as Sylar’s back. It left Sylar biting his lip and panting through his nose. When he was finished, Peter shifted closer and settled in with a sigh. Sylar was left wanting badly and wondering if that sigh was one of desire for someone else, discomfort or, perhaps, contentment.

Part 2/3

game_byrdgame_byrd on August 10th, 2014 04:52 am (UTC)
I've read this four times now. And this morning when I was driving around on my errands, it kept running through my head, along with an odd reprise -

Sylar lies there in the dark, waiting, thinking, remembering how that felt, and aching. He finally can't take it anymore and rolls over, to see that Peter is lying facing him, fast asleep. He starts stroking Peter's forearm - careful, slow, soft - just like Peter did to his back. Peter wakes, sleepy eyes blinking away the fog of sleep, then tensing and drawing back a little as he realizes Sylar's awake and caressing him. But he doesn't pull his arm away. And Sylar keeps touching it just as he did before ...

From there it kept spinning off in different directions. In one, they argued back and forth until Peter harumphed, pulled away, made it clear the contact was unwelcome, rolled over and ignored Sylar. In another, Sylar says, 'Shh,' when Peter wakes and Peter's brows pull together; he answers, 'Don't shush me!'; Sylar: 'Are you always this bossy in bed?'; Peter: 'You have no idea,' and he looks down at Sylar's touch like it offends him; Sylar: 'Then tell me what your orders are, Peter Petrelli.'; Peter hesitates, then absolutely melts.

It's given me lots of fodder for thinking!

Thank you so much!
means2bhumanmeans2bhuman on August 10th, 2014 09:34 pm (UTC)
No! Don't spoil the continuations! ;) This was all I had time to write before going to work. The smut piece I was trying to write wasn't coming together and I wasn't sure you'd like it anyway. I have more of this in my head.

Yes, Sylar touching back is definitely an option and there are lots of them! I particularly liked "Don't shush me!" out of a dead sleep, being that contrary or defensive or something, and then "Are you always this bossy in bed?" Peter: 'You have no idea,' and he looks down at Sylar's touch like it offends him.

You're very welcome. Glad you enjoyed it.
game_byrdgame_byrd on August 11th, 2014 12:05 am (UTC)
Okay! No more spoilers from me. :) I look forward to anything else you will publish.

In the 'Shh/don't shush me' part, Sylar was afraid Peter was going to say something that would ruin everything and just wanted him to keep his mouth shut and let things happen. Peter was all, 'wait a second, this is important shit and I get to talk about it and say things if I want to say things. This isn't some child-molesting you-can-keep-a-secret-can't-you thing. Don't shush me! I'll talk if I want to talk and you're going to fucking deal with it, especially if you wake me up out of a dead sleep!' But he went with the much shorter version.

All the 'shh's from Sylar in canon make me wonder if he's been told that himself when something was happening that he wanted to/should have complained about.